Since 2012 I have been developing a methodology which explores the possibilities of revealing complex rhythmic structure visually with the use of synchronised loops of sound and moving images. Audiovisual elements with similar characteristics, but moving at different rates, are layered so that they gradually move out of or toward alignment. Simple integer ratios are used to set up the phase relationships between the elements, and this deterministic process results in emergent patterns and behaviours. Chaos gives way to order, in the form of both visual alignment and rhythmic consonance. The videos are constructed and edited as an integrated part of the composition process, closely following the same rhythmic structure as the music.

For Live Ensembles with Video:

Dive Process (2014)
06:00 – Vibraphone, Clarinet, Violin, video.
Commissioned by Ensemble Offspring.

Samurai Loops (2015)
8:30 – Duo Version: Two Pianos, Video, Tape / Quintet Version: Two Pianos, Taiko Drums, Glockenspiel, Double Bass, Video
Commissioned by Samuel Mitchell

Major League Geometry (2014)
04:57 – Percussion trio, video.
Winner, MTAQ Award

BMX (2013)
04:55 – Piano Quintet, percussion, video.
For Nonsemble

Disarming an Assailant (2013)
04:44 – 4 Bass Clarinets, video.

For Audiovisual playback only:

CASCADR (2016)
Collaboration w/Jaymis Loveday

Cloud Construct (2014)
Successful Selection, seen//sound Melbourne call for works

Dream Motion (2014)
Commissioned by TEDxBrisbane

Your Heart is a Stupid Thing to Trust (2011-2013)
20:09 – Acousmatic, video.



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